Robotic welding station

  • High repeatability of the elements
  • High repeatability of the elements
  • Very high welding speed
  • Minimizing the risk of weld defects to a minimum
  • It is possible to weld elements with very irregular shapes

Our possibilities

  • Working range with dimensions 1000x1000x2500 mm
  • 8-axis control allows easy access to welds that are difficult to access
  • The 500 Amper power source allows welding of thin as well as very thick materials
  • The possibility of welding steinless steel and aluminum
We have a set of welding certificates (ISO 1090 EXC22 and ISO 15085 CL2) for manual and robotic positions. In the pursuit of excellence, it is very important to prepare the components for assembly, which is associated with the need to maintain high accuracy. We have a welding robot that guarantees high precision and repeatability of the welding process. In addition to modern equipment, we have qualified staff that guarantee very good quality of welding.

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